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The Siux Quantum 2.0 is an updated padel racket that differs from its predecessor, mainly due to a matte, smooth surface that increases playing power. This racket, with a teardrop shape and medium-high balance, guarantees a precise stroke and less vibrations thanks to the EVA Soft High Recovery rubber.

The flexibility of this racket is improved by the fiberglass blades, which improves ball speed. The frame is reinforced with a double tubular fiberglass structure for extra durability.

With its versatile qualities, the Siux Quantum 2.0 is ideal for padel players at every level. It offers beginners the opportunity to develop skills and gives experienced players the control and precision they desire. The advanced technologies and quality materials provide a balanced mix of control, power and ease of play. In short, the Siux Quantum 2.0 stands for reliability and versatility on the padel court, suitable for a wide range of players, regardless of their experience level.