Bullpadel Hack 03 24 Padel Racket

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The Bullpadel Padel Racket Hack 03 24 is a diamond-shaped advanced padel racket with a high balance, designed to get maximum power from your padel play. The racket frame is 100% carbon. The racket head is woven with the latest type of carbon, namely Tricarbon combined Carbon and the core has a MultiEva rubber. The Tricarbon consists of thinner and lighter carbon layers woven in three directions for more power. The MultiEva rubber core has 2 densities. The outer layer is more compact and gives a higher power output. The inner layer is less compact resulting in more control. With the Hack 03 24 racket from Bullpadel you will experience a hard touch, the Hack 03 24 is the hardest racket from Bullpadel. The racket is equipped with a protector on top of the racket frame with which the balance of the racket can be adjusted. The so-called metalshield protector. To adjust the balance, order the protector custom weights. The handle of the racket contains the Vibradrive system for vibration absorption to prevent injuries. The racket is also equipped with a hesacore grip as standard for more comfort and control. A top power racket. Official padel racket from Paquito Navarro for 2024.